A remarkable difference

Having been active during a long period of my professional music journalism career for the printed media, the radio and as teacher I was used to get some payment. Starting my own website around 2006 caused a drastic change. Not only did I start a solitary life with little response from readers (happily enough there are many, my best motivation to carry on), but it was like throwing my copy free in the air or on the streets. Is that really fair? Point is that working for this site takes organisation, time, knowledge, electricity, domain charges etc. etc. and most of the investing money goes to buying or borrowing cd’s and dvd’s as I have no connection whatsoever with the music industry and so don’t receive free copies. The expenses gradually get a bit too much for my small pension, so on the homepage I opened a possibility (down at the left side) to donate some money to keep this site in the air.

My motivation to carry on a bit longer is strong, but my physical health is gradually declining and some help is welcome. Many thanks in advance!